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Best choice for the price

I bought the scanner einscan SE a while ago, I m very satisfied with it, very simple to use, I am a student in 3D, my work really improved so much since I bought it. I decided to trust shinning again when I swa the Einstar, I was surprised of the price compared of the market. I got it, it feels quality just when I got it in hands, it scans black objects, I scanned my face easily without hurting my eyes, and I am able to scan large object finally ^^ I can build tools by printing parts around standard products I bought that fits perfectly together because of the accuracy of the scan
I m definitively a big fan of shinning now. Really good products!

Buen producto

Muy buen producto y calidad precio excelente.
Por ponerle alguna pega el cable de datos podría ser más largo. Muy bien a cuerpo completo

Kalin Petkov
Happy with order

I am happy with order and product. It comes quicky in Europe.
Great for my need for larger objects.
I will be fully satisfied if it's work with Mac in near future.

Adrian Apostu
Best budget scanner

Nothing can beat this thing. Scans the same as their HX scanner. Hardware is top notch and the software experience it's just a joy. It does require a high spec computer but the results are amazing.

Stephen Edwards
Pleasantly Surprised

I work in precision metrology and have access to the associated professional grade scanners. I bought the Einstar for private use and was a little bit curious as to how it would perform. I am pleased to say that it has been an absolute joy to use and is delivering great results. Having the access to full colour texture is a new feature for me, which is fun, as is the ability to scan people. For sure it is not performing to the same level of accuracy as the metrology units but when not chasing microns and for the kiend of applications I want to use it for in the garage, motorcycles, boats etc it is working out well so far and I think it shall open up a whole new range of possibilties. I am very pleased with the product.