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Founded in 2004, SHINING 3D has focused on the research & development, manufacturing, and application of high-precision 3D digital products for over 18 years. Offering accessible, efficient and high-tech solutions, SHINING 3D is committed to becoming a key contributor of the 3D digital technology field with global influence, promoting the popularization and application of 3D digital technology.

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Digitize the world with Einstar

Equipped with 3 Infrared VCSEL Projectors, 2 Stereo Depth Cameras and 1 RGB Camera, Einstar can capture clear scan data and generate stable outputs outdoors while providing a flexible working distance for small and large objects.

* Outdoor scanning
* Human body
* Material adaptability

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Einstar-Portable Handheld 3D Scanner

Notice: The price is not including VAT. EINSTAR, an affordable handheld 3D scanner, makes high-quality 3D data available to everyone. In the standard package you will find a handheld 3D scanner wit...

  • High Data Quality

    Detail-oriented Enhancement Technology
  • Streamlined User Experience

    Scanning Speed up to 14 FPS
  • Extremely Easy to Use

    Easy to setup, plug and play
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Einstar-Portable Handheld 3D Scanner