Warranty Policy

Thanks for choosing Einstar. We believe that Einstar will bring you a great scanning experience! Shining 3D is committed to bring to the market products built with the best quality, value and performance. Our products are built to perform with reliability, and within tolerance, during their lifespan. If you need any technical support, we’re here to help.


IMPORTANT: By using Einstar product, you are agreeing to be bound by the terms of ONE (1) YEAR limited warranty (“Warranty Period”) from the date of original retail purchase by the purchaser from our website ("Warranty")


If the Einstar product breaks down or does not work properly due to manufacturing defects and meet the conditions of the warranty policy, you can contact us to apply for warranty service.


  • What kind of the conditioncan apply for warranty service
  • Only the original purchaser is entitled to claim the warranty service.
  • Apply within one year after the purchase of the product. The time of purchase of the product is based on the time of the invoice provided by customer, or our sales record if the invoice cannot be provided.
  • Meet the condition of WARRANTY POLICY.


The replaced Product or repaired product under warranty shall continue to be under warranty for the remaining time of the original Warranty Period or ninety (90) days from the date of replacement or repair, whichever provides longer coverage for you. 


  • This warranty does not apply to:
  • Cosmetic damages including but not limited to scratches, dents and broken plastic on ports unless failure has occurred due to a defect in materials or workmanship
  • Failures caused by operating products outside of official tutorials like manual, guideline, etc.
  • Damage causedby accident, abuse, misuse, fire, liquid contact, earthquake or other external cause
  • Damage caused by service (including upgrades) performed by anyone who is not a representative of Shining 3D or authorized Einstar resellers who are capable for technical support
  • Damage caused by misuse or improper storage
  • Normal wear and tear during the use of the equipmentor otherwise due to the normal aging of the product
  • If any serial number has been removed or defaced from the Product
  • If it is approved the product has been stolen or you cannot prove in any way that you are the property ownerof the product (eg. by presenting proof of purchase).




  • Warranty Coverage
  • We will cover the repair charge and the diagnostic fee of the product within the one-year warranty period.
  • You areresponsible for the freight of sending in the repair shipment after approved by us, while we will cover the freight of sending back the repaired shipment under this policy.
  • Free software upgrades while customer is under warranty.


  • Out of Warranty

Failures after one year of the purchase, or if any man-made damages and failures which are not covered by the warranty. Customer is responsible to pay the shipping cost and the repair service of labor and parts.


  • Apply for warranty

Submit a ticket from support.einstar.com

Please note that the following information should be provided in your first contact with our support:


  • Order number or A copy of receipt, original invoice or bill of the order
  • Purchase account email
  • Model name, QTY, Serial number (you can find the label on the scanner)
  • Problem (Better with photos or video)