Product use

Is there a tutorial I can learn from?

Please refer to the online user manual.
And, we also suggest you to get a free user account on to bind your scanner, so you can get the latest software and other related tutorials.


Which scan data format does the scanner export?What is the difference between these formats?

1. Format (ASC): No texture, data type is optimized point-cloud, saves as Scan.asc, recommended for Inspection, fast export and post process.

2. Format (STL): No texture, data type is mesh, saves as Scan.stl, recommended for 3D printing, reverse engineering and mesh editing.

3. Format (OBJ): Include texture but separated, data type is mesh, texture and matching file, saves as Scan,obj&jpg&mtl, recommended for artistic applications, 3D rendering and mesh editing.

4. Format (PLY): Include texture, data type is mesh, saves as Scan,ply, recommended for lows storage needed and easy to edit texture.

5. Format (3MF): Include texture, data type is mesh, saves as Scan,3mf, recommended for lows storage needed and edit with Microsoft paint3d.

6. Format (P3): No texture, data type is marker position, , saves as Scan,p3, recommended for create Global Marker File and measurement of the marker position.

What is the computer configuration requirement?Example of laptops that meet the software requirements

CPU: Intel Core i7-11800H or above
RAM: 32GB or above
Graphics card: NVIDIA GTX 1060 or above
VRAM: 6GB or above
Supported OS: Windows 10/11 64-bit
USB 2.0 or above

Where can I get the lateset software?

If you are using scanner with internet, you will get a notice when a new software is release. And, we also suggest you to get a free user account on to bind your scanner, so you can get the latest softare and other related tutorials.


How can I obtain a CAD file (step, iges...) out of scan data?

You need to do Reverse Engineering to acquire CAD data. Please visit our YouTube channel for reverse engineering instructions.


What is the biggest advantage of Einstar compare to other brands in the market?

Einstar is powed by Shining 3D, which has long experiences in 3D digitizing technology, developed scanners and printers in different kinds for various industry, making amazing 3d scanning more accessible to everyone. Despite of the professional hardware, our self developed scanning software is also powful for smooth and fast scanning, smart tracking, intelligent algorithm, mesh editing etc. We keep update based on users feedback to improving the scanning workflow. Further more, we have global sales and support team together with our local channels, allowing us to give the fast and quality service when need.

basic concept

What is the point distance?

Portrait Scan: 0.2mm ~ 3.0mm
Object Scan: 0.1mm ~ 3.0mm

What's the difference between accuracy and resolution (detail)?

Resolution: the distance between the two closest points.
Accuracy: the dimension difference between the scanned model and real object.


Does Einstar offer discounts for non-profit organizations?

We want to support people in the world who are doing good things,and would be happy to provide discount to registered non-profit organizationsor charities. A copy of the registered non-profit organization or charitynumber and a letter of determination letter or government-issued document orany equivalent. If you would like to go ahead with this offer, feel freeto send us your document to us  by email at

Once our team approves yourorganization for this special discount, we will be able to assist you with the next steps.