Tailor-made Costume Using Einstar 3D Scanning Technology
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Tailor-made Costume Using Einstar 3D Scanning Technology

Tailor-made Costume Using Einstar 3D Scanning Technology

Halloween is one of the most popular festivals worldwide. Entering October every year, it's not difficult to see shops and malls decorated with jack o' lanterns. And when it comes to the day, you can easily find someone wearing makeup, walking on the streets having their lavish, eye-catching costume on. Will Co and his buddy are one of them too. Instead of buying a costume from the market, they decided to make a unique one by themselves with an Einstar 3D scanner.


About Will Co

Will, co-founder of CoKreeate, located in Alhambra, California, and Replikeate3D at Las Vegas, Nevada. He has been focusing on 3D scanning and 3D printing since 2014 when he started his own one-stop digitalize solution company, Cokreeate, with his wife.

Will co


Scanning Human Body Using EINSTAR 3D Scanner

"Once we unboxed everything, we went ahead and put the Einstar 3D scanner to use. Our buddy reached out and asked if we could use the samurai print that we did for our own purpose for his Halloween costume so we just came by," said Will. He then took about 2 minute to make a full-body scan of his buddy, digitalizing him into the Einstar software.


scan people


Processing large data into the Einstar software, Will went ahead and exported the file out as an obj. into Zbrush and use this model for the measurements, with just a few clicks on the computer. Thanks to the latest 3D scanner, Will and his team are able to size up the samurai mask they created before and from there once is our size to fit properly. After confirming the mask is perfectly fit, they export it and put it into reality for the Halloween costume.

sacning data

Scaning data

Final Thoughts

"After scanning our buddy and few other objects, I feel the Einstar is perfect for anyone that wants to get a 3D scanning and don't know where to start or even afraid to spend hundreds or even thousands of dollars not knowing what kind of hardware or software they're getting into. So, it's perfect as you're getting excellent hardware and software. If you're looking into 3D scanning and don't know where to start, I would totally put Einstar on top of your list." 

-- Will Co 









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