Scan to Print: Crafting a Memorable Birthday Gift with Einstar
3D Body Scanning
Scan to Print: Crafting a Memorable Birthday Gift with Einstar

Scan to Print: Crafting a Memorable Birthday Gift with Einstar

When our client walked into the studio of our partner in Ecuador, she carried a delightful idea in her heart. Her mother was about to celebrate the 93rd birthday, and the client intended to prepare a unique gift - an actual character image of chocolate for her. The creation of this gift involved 3D scanning and 3D printing, cleverly blending technology, artistry, and the sweetness of chocolate.


Creating the gift began with using the Einstar 3D scanner to scan the client's mother's full-body data. Since Einstar utilizes invisible infrared light sources, the scanning did not cause discomfort. 


After completing the scanning, we post-processed the digital model to remove unwanted noise and fill in holes to ensure integrity of the model.


Once the digital model is ready, we can save it into a format that can be used for 3D printing, such as an STL file. The model is then printed layer by layer using 3D printing technology.


The final step is to inject the chocolate into the mould to solidify it into a chocolate model with the shape of the person being scanned.


For the client, the moment the gift was made was sheer joy. For the client's mother, it was a truly memorable gift. And Enistar helped everyone to have this precious memory. 


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