Summary of AOPA’s 2023 National Assembly
Summary of AOPA’s 2023 National Assembly

Summary of AOPA’s 2023 National Assembly

Event Overview

AOPA’s 2023 National Assembly, held from September 6 to September 9, 2023, in Indianapolis, was a premier event for professionals in the orthotic and prosthetic community. The assembly brought together industry leaders, clinicians, and business professionals for a comprehensive program of education, networking, and technology showcases.

Event Highlights:

  • Date: September 6 – 9, 2023
  • Venue: Indianapolis, IN

SHINING 3D Dental at AOPA’s 2023 National Assembly

We were thrilled to participate in AOPA’s 2023 National Assembly, where SHINING 3D Dental had the opportunity to connect with influential professionals and showcase our latest dental and prosthetic technologies.

Key Moments:

  • Business Education and Clinical Programming: Attendees had access to the best in business education and advanced clinical programming, offering invaluable insights and knowledge to enhance their practices and businesses.
  • Networking Opportunities: The event provided numerous opportunities to network with the most influential people in the profession, fostering relationships and collaborations that will drive the industry forward.
  • Exhibit Hall: Our presence in the exhibit hall allowed us to demonstrate the latest advancements in dental and prosthetic technology, highlighting how our solutions can improve clinical outcomes and operational efficiencies.
  • Continuing Education: Participants had the opportunity to earn more than 100 continuing education (CE) credits, ensuring they stay at the forefront of their field.

Our Technology Showcase

At our booth, we featured the cutting-edge dental and prosthetic solutions that SHINING 3D Dental is known for. Our advanced technologies garnered significant interest from attendees, showcasing the future of dental care and prosthetics.

Technologies Highlighted:

  • 3D Dental Scanners
  • Digital Design Software
  • 3D Printing Solutions
  • Einstar: Specially highlighted for its application in prosthetic scanning, allowing for precise and efficient digitization of prosthetic limbs. This technology is crucial for creating custom, well-fitting prosthetics that enhance patient comfort and mobility.

These technologies exemplify our commitment to innovation and excellence in dental care and prosthetics, precise and efficient digitization of prosthetic limbs,offering reliable, efficient, and precise solutions for professionals.


AOPA’s 2023 National Assembly was a fantastic opportunity to engage with the dental and orthotic-prosthetic community. We are grateful to everyone who visited our booth and interacted with our team. Your interest and support are what drive us to innovate and excel.

Thank you for making this event a remarkable experience. We eagerly anticipate the next opportunity to connect and collaborate with you.

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