Summary of the 15th EDIX (Education Total Exhibition) Tokyo
Summary of the 15th EDIX (Education Total Exhibition) Tokyo

Summary of the 15th EDIX (Education Total Exhibition) Tokyo

The 15th EDIX (Education Total Exhibition) Tokyo, held from May 8th to May 10th, 2024, at Tokyo Big Sight, was a resounding success. This annual event brought together educational professionals, innovators, and technology enthusiasts from around the globe to explore the latest advancements in educational tools and resources.

Event Highlights:

  • Dates: May 8, 2024 (Wednesday) to May 10, 2024 (Friday)
  • Venue: Tokyo Big Sight, West Exhibition Hall
  • Booth Number: #18-5


Our participation in this prestigious event focused on showcasing two of our most advanced 3D scanning products, which drew considerable interest and engagement from attendees.

VCSEL Infrared Light Source 3D Scanner "Einstar"

The "Einstar" 3D scanner, utilizing VCSEL infrared light sources, was a major highlight at our booth. Attendees were impressed by its high precision and accuracy, making it an ideal tool for detailed scanning needs in educational applications. Many educators and technologists expressed interest in how this technology can create accurate 3D models to enhance interactive learning experiences.

White LED Light Source Desktop 3D Scanner "EinScan SP V2"

The "EinScan SP V2" desktop 3D scanner, featuring white LED light sources, also garnered significant attention. Its user-friendly design and reliable, high-quality scans were particularly appreciated by those looking to integrate advanced 3D scanning into their educational curricula. Numerous attendees noted its potential to transform educational environments by providing hands-on learning experiences.

Live Demonstrations and Consultations

Throughout the exhibition, we conducted live demonstrations of both the "Einstar" and "EinScan SP V2" 3D scanners. These demonstrations were a key attraction, allowing attendees to see firsthand the capabilities of our products. Our team was on hand to provide in-depth consultations, answer questions, and discuss the various applications of our technology in education.

Feedback and Engagement

We received overwhelmingly positive feedback from visitors to our booth. Educators, administrators, and technologists praised the innovative features of our 3D scanners and their potential impact on educational practices. Many expressed excitement about the possibilities these tools offer for creating more interactive and engaging learning environments.


The 15th EDIX (Education Total Exhibition) Tokyo was a valuable opportunity for us to connect with industry professionals and showcase our latest innovations. The event reinforced the importance of integrating advanced technologies into education to enhance learning experiences. We are grateful for the positive reception and look forward to continuing our mission to bring cutting-edge solutions to the educational sector.

Thank you to everyone who visited our booth and engaged with us. We are excited about the future and the role our technology will play in shaping the next generation of education.

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