Digitizing people for an open-source project with Einstar
3D scanning
Digitizing people for an open-source project with Einstar

Digitizing people for an open-source project with Einstar

Our current world allows us to have seamless technology as being able to digitalize the geometry of a physical human body into a 3D model. 3D DIY Dave has turned this idea into a broad project on an open-source basis where everyone can download the 3D models


About David Miao

David Miao is a content creator, maker and collector of tools. He’s known for working with 3D printing and woodworking. Over the last couple of years, he has been exploring new technologies and sharing what he learns with the community.

Over the last year, he has used 3D scanning technology to replicate things that were difficult to model by hand. Thanks to 3D design, he has also used 3D scanning to document and digitize iconic pieces, for instance, the one shown here from the late Jack Swire. But on top of that, there was an area in 3D scanning that caught his attention: scanning people; broad enough to create an entire project called the Maker Scan Project.


The Maker Scan Project

Maker Scans project website

Image with link: https://www.printables.com/model/156422-maker-scans-project 

This project is an ongoing collection of scan makers from all over the world. The scan portraits are provided online for free for anyone to download and modify. People can collect their favourite makers, 3D print them like action figures, or even create digital renderings with the files. Sharing these is a great way to provide other makers to explore and create interesting things with digital file.


Human body 3D scanning

The new Einstar is perfect for this project. With the help of the cameras and the built-in lasers, it is possible to scan people quickly. This is an essential feature to scan people standing and, furthermore, provides more comfortability and more freedom poses.

  Scanning the human body   EinStar

“Another challenge when scanning people is hair detail and overall shape of hair, Einstar does an amazing job capturing hair at all detail levels.” – David Miao, 3D DIY Dave.

There are also additional settings of the hair for the new dedicated Exstar software. The scanner also uses infrared light to scan people in all kinds of lighting conditions, including outdoors.

Scan data

“I hope you guys get a chance to explore the world of 3D scanning with SHINING 3D.” – David Miao, 3D DIY Dave



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