Metahuman Creation: Build Your Avatar Starting with 3D Scanning
3D Body Scanning
Metahuman Creation: Build Your Avatar Starting with 3D Scanning

Metahuman Creation: Build Your Avatar Starting with 3D Scanning

Scanning the Human Body with Einstar

The webinar began with a step-by-step guide to scanning the human body with the Einstar 3D scanner. Undoubtedly, Mr Lagonigro shared how to set up the scanning parameters to achieve optimal scanning results. He chooses portrait scanning mode and hybrid aligning mode and sets the resolution to 0.2mm. Turning on the hair mode is very important as this function allows for easier capturing of black hair data. 

Scan the human body with Einstar


Scanning data of the human body


Unveiling Design Tools: Unreal Engine, Blender and Paint 3D

After acquiring realistic 3D data, Mr Lagonigro led the participants to explore three powerful design tools: Unreal Engine, Blender and Paint 3D. Mr Lagonigro deftly demonstrated how these software could be harnessed to breathe life into the raw scans. Blender can help with file format conversions, such as importing 3D data in OBJ format and exporting it in FBX format for use in the Unreal Engine. Mr Lagonigro shows several steps to be accomplished in the Unreal Engine: 

● Create Components
● Promote Frame
● Track Markers (Active Frame)
● MetaHuman Identity Slove
● Mesh to MetaHuman


Create "my metahuman" based on scanned 3D data


Attendees were then led through detailed steps to sculpt the model in Blender.

Sculpt the 3D model to Avatar in Blender


The final step is to draw the texture in Paint 3D.

Draw the texture of Avatar in Paint 3D


The synergy between the photorealistic capabilities of Unreal Engine, the versatile modeling of Blender, and the intuitive painting features of Paint 3D was highlighted as the key to achieving a truly immersive and believable digital creation.


From Virtual to Tangible: The Convergence in 3D Printing

As the webinar neared its conclusion, Mr Lagonigro shed light on transitioning from the virtual realm to the physical world through 3D printing. With a 3D printer, this 3D digital model was printed.

The 3D printed model



In essence, Mimmo Lagonigro's webinar illuminated the remarkable journey from a human body scan to a lifelike metahuman avatar, weaving together the technological prowess of the Einstar 3D scanner, the creative versatility of Unreal Engine and Blender, and the artistic finesse of Paint 3D.


Are you ready to bring your wildest creative visions to life? Take the first step towards crafting your metahuman masterpiece by reaching out to our experts for a personalized consultation today!


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