EinScan-SE + Einstar: The Complementary Scanning Solution for All Object Sizes
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EinScan-SE + Einstar: The Complementary Scanning Solution for All Object Sizes

EinScan-SE + Einstar: The Complementary Scanning Solution for All Object Sizes

With the increasing demand for 3D scanning in various industries, the need for scanners that can handle both small and large objects has become a common query. Are you looking for such a solution? Look no further than the combination of SHINING 3D EinScan-SE Desktop 3D Scanner and Einstar! These two scanners work together seamlessly to give you high-quality scans of objects of all sizes.


Respective advantages of EinScan-SE & Einstar

EinScan-SE: precise scanning of small objects

EinScan-SE is a desktop scanner that perfects for scanning small objects. Its automatic turntable allows for easy and precise scanning, while a tripod can be used to accommodate more scanning needs. With its high accuracy, EinScan-SE is the ideal choice for those who require precise scanning of small objects.


Einstar: affordable scanner for large objects

Einstar is a handheld scanner that is great for scanning human-sized or large objects. With its non-rigid algorithm and large scanning range, Einstar can scan outdoors with ease. Its cost-effectiveness makes it a great choice for those on a budget.


A scanner combination that ensuring all size objects scanning

But why use both scanners together? While EinScan-SE can also scan large objects, and Einstar can also scan small objects. Their strengths are best utilized in their respective areas. To prove this point, our application engineer conducted a test.


Small object: peanut

The 1.4 cm long peanut was scanned using EinScan-SE and Einstar. can-SE took about 2 minutes and 20 seconds to get the full data, while the EinStar took about 5 minutes and 12 seconds And we can see from the results that EinScan-SE shows clearer details than Einstar.


Larger object: sculpture

Moving on to a larger object, a sculpture that is 59 cm high. EinScan-SE took about 35 minutes to complete the scan, while Einstar took only 3 minutes because it has a larger scanning range.


Human body scanning

The infrared light source of Einstar is friendly to human eyes. The Hair Mode helps to acquire more hair data, and shows the 3D data with authentic colors. It only took about 3 minutes 54 seconds to acquire the 3D data of the human body.


From the scanning results, we can see that the advantages of the two scanners are obvious, EinScan-SE makes it easy to scan small objects with its automatic turntable, and when it comes to scanning large objects, Einstar is a better choice.


In conclusion, EinScan-SE and Einstar are complementary scanners that work well together to meet all your scanning needs. Whether you need to scan small objects or large ones, these scanners will give you the highest quality data.


*If you have higher accuracy requirements and budget, SHINING 3D EinScan Pro series multifunctional 3D scanner is a great choice.




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